In response to a petition by CCFC, the Federal Communications Commission has opened an inquiry into whether Zevo-3, the first children’s television program based on advertising spokescharacters, is in the public interest. The animated Zevo-3 stars three superheroes named Kewl Breeze, Elastika, and Z-Strap and a villain named Dr. Stankfoot who, until now, have only been used in advertisements to promote specific lines of Skechers shoes. The show’s broadcast clearly violates longstanding policies designed to protect children from overcommercialization. But the FCC will only act if there is significant public pressure to do so.

Please follow the instructions below to tell the FCC that program-length commercials disguised as children’s programming are not in the public interest.

  1. Click here to open the FCC’s Express Filing form (the page will open in a new window so you can still access these instructions). You will see the Proceeding Number 10-190, the number the FCC has assigned to the inquiry into Skechers’ Zevo-3, already entered into the form. Do not change it.
  2. Enter your name for “Name of Filer” and your address. Providing your email address is optional.
  3. Write your comment in the box marked “Type in or paste your brief comments.”  We encourage you to use your own words, but if you prefer, you can cut and paste the sample comment below. If you are a parent and/or work with children, you may wish to include that information as well (e.g. “As a parent of two young children, I am dismayed…” or “In my work as an educator, I frequently see the negative effects of excessive commercialism on children…) Please note:  all comments to the FCC are public and will be posted on the FCC website.

Sample Comments:

I am dismayed that Nicktoons would try to broadcast a show that is little more than an advertisement for Skechers shoes.Zevo-3 is the first program for kids based on advertising logos. Its main characters, Elastika, Kewl Breeze, Z-Strap and the evil Dr. Stankfoot have only appeared in advertisements for Skechers shoes. For that reason, Zevo -3will significantly escalate the commercialization of children’s television.

I urge the FCC to take action. Children are particularly vulnerable to advertising and need protection from this blatant overcommercialization. The Commission is all that is standing between kids and networks flooded with program-length commercials starring spokescharacters like Ronald McDonald, the Burger King and Tony the Tiger.

Click here to file your comment with the FCC.

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