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The MSM is spending way to much time discussing Benghazi. Fox is one thing, but MSNBC and others, have commentators talking about it with guests every day. In the mean time, we are missing out on a lot of news that is important. As a retired RN Certified Risk Manager from the Dept. of VA. I am interested in the latest news of alleged potentially criminal misuse of waiting time data. It makes me ill, that ALL VA’s are therefore being shed in a bad light, when thousands of workers, give all they can to help our veterans. It was my job to try to prevent suicides in Viet Nam vets and I gave my all in doing in. I was not always successful and I still have nightmares about this.

Also, if one reads the Main Justice website, there is a piece on April 30th about the SEC, joining the Manhattan’s DA office, sending two lawyers to work with two workers with the DA’s office. According to this piece, the lawyers at the Port Authority were pressured by Christie’s staff to give NJ $1.8 billion in bonds to fix the Pulaski Skyway leading to the Holland tunnel. The problem is the tunnel was built before the Port Authority was established, and therefore they cannot appropriate funds for repairs to the Pulaski. Already $1 billion has been spent on that and repairs to the Holland tunnel.

In 2010, Christie refused $8.7 billion from the feds to repair the Pulaski and build a new tunnel, thus creating thousands of jobs for people in NJ during the recession ( we have one of the highest in the nation). However, Christie did not send back all the monies and used some, as well as the $3 billion dollars, put in place by our former governor, and used it to give money to the transportation department, and to balance the budget. Now we are $800 million in the red and he has to, by law balance the budget again. This is the 5th investigation, and may be one of the most important being carried out. however the MSM is not mentioning this.

I don’t know if you can help, but I have been trying to get the media to cover this story, and to get the point across about the media spending too much time on Benghazi. They also need to boycott this subject, and if they want to cover part of the hearings fine, but in the mean time we are missing news.

thank you
Edna Birch
Carneys Point, NJ