Reclaiming Humanity Video

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Imagine a world where half of all the media images of females portrayed them as hard working, respected leaders rather than showing them on their backs with their legs open? Help Media Watch teach the need to recognize everyone’s humanity by making a tax-deductible donation to our educational non-profit today. We also take Paypal. Love is all we need.
Special thanks to Blanca Danika, Annie, Wilcox High, Jan Gebbie and Girls For Change. For more info on film go to for their film on pornography.


  1. Yes, Lola there does need to be better distinction, and yet we are bombarded with images that do not empower women’s sexuality but debase it. Nothing playful about rape images. Nothing too alluring about fashion where women appear to be idiotic, sexualized, dupes. Sexual autonomy, true control over reproduction, birth and how females are predominately portrayed in the media would be a great start. Let’s promote female dignity and humanity to help balance the flood of sex that sadly is more likely to be exploitative rather than joyful and erotic (eros=love).

  2. I think their needs to be a better distinction between sexuality, playful sexuality, allure and pornography

    All a bit thrown together here


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