Kids & Violent Video Games

The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in a free-speech case which defended a California law that prohibits the sale or rental of extremely violent video games to minors, levying a fine of up to $1,000 per violation.

Should children be able to buy violent video games that allow players to kill, maim, dismember or sexually assault people in such a way that the entire game lacks any serious value for minors? You decide: Here is a trailer for Postal III


  1. I’m against children playing these sorts of games, but I personally love them. POSTAL 3 IS GOING TO ROCK !!!!!

  2. this game looks cheap

  3. the purpose of these violent video games is to show us that the real world ain’t all cute and cuddly as kids think. we need violent video games to sustain that killer instinct in all of us that yerns to be let loose every once in a while.

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