Dump Meisel

Photographer, Steven Meisel, needs to consider other work.  The models need to know they don’t HAVE to play dead to make money. Models need to comprehend that their consent to this portrayal contributes to the glamorization of violence against women. Meisel has a sordid history of such images. Consider his images of models being jackbooted and attacked by police after 9/11, or women being sliced open, bandaged and cut into during cosmetic surgery while also hawking the clothing. Meisel has glamorized the rape of our US female forces in Iraq with his spread of nude and sexualized women adjoining fully clothed military men during the height of the Iraq war. Why is it appealing to view women who appear brutalized, abused and dead? Are females really so threatening to the status quo? If Meisel thinks he is bringing attention to this environmental disaster by hawking oily clothing on dead looking women he needs a brain transplant. We encourage people to write Italian Vogue and suggest they consider new editorial photographers for a start.

Contact Italian Vogue, Franca Sozzani editor: email: condenast@teleprofessional.it or abbonamenti@condenet.it

Address: Vogue Italia, Piazza Castello 27, Milano 20121, Italy, (phone) +02 85 61 23 42

Or parent distributors: Conde Nast Productions, 4 Times Sq Ste 17, New York, NY 10036-6518, (212) 286-2860

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