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January 2011


Take Action–Write To Vogue


Cadeaux, meaning gift or present, is emblazoned across each page. These images, from Dec. 2010′s French Vogue, are the parting shots from editor Carine Roitfeld, who just resigned. Her signature editorial choices were meant to make viewers squirm and advertisers pay. From "blackface" models, and charges of racism . . .MORE–AND GET EMAILS TO CONTACT VOGUE

Ship Julian Assange to Iceland

Iceland has the most progressive laws on protecting journalists on earth, AND the most progressive laws in regard to women, sex crimes, and prostitution. Media Watch suggests that Julian Assange hightail it to Iceland. He could continue his good work with Wikileaks making certain the fate of Bradley Manning will not be his own. The horrific circumstances Manning is having to endure, without actual charges being filed against him, should not happen to anyone. Also, justice would be served to fully investigate any alleged sex crimes against Assange. We would like to see him get a full array of STD tests and an education on the use of condoms. If sex crime accusations are warranted, Icelandic justice would prevail. Just because a man does good work doesn't mean he is incapable of sexual abuse of women; think of Eliot Spitzer. We also want you to consider asking Democracy Now to stop airing cat fights, and suggest they host a real discussion about the archaic, discriminatory rape laws that exist in the U.S., and to discuss how the U.S. might work toward implementing rape law that includes the right to withdraw consent at anytime during the sex act. The screaming match between Wolf and Friedman was a pitiful excuse for news. Wake up Democracy Now; you are too smart to fall into tabloid-like TV traps.

Media Watch: Iceland becomes international media transparency haven

Women and Girls in the Media


Mark your calendars for an Informational Briefing to be held Jan. 13th, 2011 from 1 to 3pm in Sacramento, California at the State Capitol, Room 437. Geena Davis, who is a Commissioner on the Status of Women, will discuss startling findings on the impact of media images on children. Also: Sundance selection, "Miss Representation" will be shown. (Click the image to view the trailer.) The program is hosted by the California Commission on the Status of Women. For more information, visit or contact the commission at or 916-445-3173.




Ireland Reconsidering Laws on Prostitution

The Irish government is considering introducing legislation to protect women victims of the prostitutional system and target pimps as well as those who buy sex. Based on the highly successful Swedish model, this legislation works towards creating a society in which equality between women and men is upheld as a fundamental right and value. Under current Irish law, prostititues can face criminal charges for soliciting sex, as can pimps, but a man who frequents a prostitute doesn't face charges. The new legislation would be based on the Swedish precedent, where targeting pimps and those who buy the sexual services have served to cut prostitution in half over the last 10 years. The Swedish law bans purchasing sex, but not the sale of sex, which means that for the first time in Ireland mainly men would be prosecuted. Iceland and Norway have also introduced legislation based on the Swedish model. More information on the Swedish law is available here.


Thumbs Up for Black Swan


While the violence may seem over the top, we suggest that few films deal with the difficulties females have being considered successful in today's world. Rather than working to expose and eliminate the forces that create such difficulty, most girls and women turn the culture's animosity in on themselves. This self-hatred is extreme in Portman's character, Nina and in her mother. The filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky, portrays moments in women's lives as few directors have in cinematic history. I refer to the subway moment for Nina as she returns home after a trying day, to be greeted by a very normal, decent looking, older man who starts masturbating and coming on to Nina, who is the only other passenger on the train. These moments are known only to women, as men don't act like that in front of one another. And in his earlier film, "Requiem For a Dream," his depiction of prostitution is shown in all its horror and complexity at the end of the film. "Black Swan" is an important look at women's struggle to greatness amid the many strictures and hurdles. Read the Ms. magazine review.



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