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The nature of oppression
"The measure of a group’s oppression is not how well their oppressors can convince them to accept their lot, or how completely they give up hope of rebellion; nor is it the extent to which their sense of self becomes so thoroughly annihilated that they lose awareness of the very fact they’re oppressed.

No. The measure of it, is how well you can convince them to enjoy their oppression. To revel in it. To seek it out. To regard subordination and pain as a path to freedom." Read the full article by CherryBlossomLife





Australia is set to become the first country to enforce the plain packaging of cigarettes but tobacco companies have vowed to fight the new legislation in court. From December 2012, all cigarettes will be sold in olive green packs, which research has shown is least appealing to smokers. Under the new laws, approved by the upper house of parliament, no trademark brand logos will be permitted on any packaging of tobacco products, although companies will be able to print their name and the cigarette brand in small, prescribed font on the packets.

Tobacco company Philip Morris has launched legal action against Australian laws forcing tobacco products to be sold in drab, plain packaging from late next year. The Himalayan nation of Bhutan banned the sale of tobacco outright earlier this year.



The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women held a panel entitled, "A Conversation Among Men About Sex Trafficking," in New York City at the NYU Wasserman Center. The panelists included author, Aaron Cohen, actor/activist Michael Cory Davis, musician/philanthropist, Peter Buffett and Poet/activist Jonathan Paul Walton. Be Part of the Solution!
(Watch the video.)



Looks as if this image is no longer available onthe occupy congress site that the image links to. Thank You. Let's hope people realize that sexism has no place in images promoting our Occupy movement. We need one another for this movement to thrive, which will mean men need to step aside as the main spokesMEN. One of my favorite parts of this movement is how the "Mic Check" went viral, where people repeat what the speaker says. What a beautiful request to "LISTEN." If we can learn one thing in 2012 let it be to listen without judgement to one another and to do what we can to give voice to the most marginalized among us. Thanks to the Feminist Peace Network for this link and their work on the Occupy Patriarchy movement.

From their article on this poster: "How fantastic that Occupy Marines supports Occupy Congress. And we get that this is based on a vintage poster but hello? This is beyond offensive to the women who are working their asses off for the Occupy movement and the blatant objectifying of women in this poster only serves to show the urgent need to occupy misogynistic patriarchy."



Women's News reports how breast-feeding moms have no place to go.
"....Last summer, for instance, a Utah woman named Angelina Love began blogging about being spurned when she tried to breastfeed her son in her local Whole Foods." Read the full article.



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