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In Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters. One represents danger, and the other opportunity. Great blessings lie ahead for those who can discover the tremendous opportunity that lies within crisis. Join with friends and family who enhance your joy to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Feb. 3, 2011 begins the year of the Golden Rabbit.



I'm 18 with a bullet

As Henry Giroux writes in his article, America's Culture of Cruelty,“Rather than being unspoken and unseen, violence in American life has become both visible in its pervasiveness and normalized as a central feature of dominant and popular culture. Americans have grown accustomed to luxuriating in a warm bath of cinematic blood, as young people and adults alike are seduced with an endless stream of violence that runs through the endless production of video games, extreme sports and the nonstop production of Hollywood blockbusters.”

People need to comprehend that what we entertain ourselves with has impact. Imagine if we laughed, cried, or felt pure joy as we consumed chosen media entertainment, rather than feeling paranoia, anger, vengeance or delight at the death and humiliation of others. James A. Potter’s book on 11 Myths of Media Violence remains an important primer on this topic. Learning to deconstruct every aspect of violent media can help us understand and confront its constant escalation. What if we refused to ingest violent media for one week, or one month? Imagine that we might rewire our brains to be entertained by the possibilities of the connections between equals? We deserve better than the usual knee jerk arousal by the victimization of submissive objects, who are almost always female.

With the recent shooting in Arizona that got media attention, and the hundreds that go on every hour in St. Louis, Detroit or Oakland that didn’t, it is clear we need to create community forums that address the connections between how we entertain ourselves, and the violence we tolerate. Violence does not have to be our inevitable reality.

Media Watch: Culture of Cruelty


Help a single mother

Kelley Williams-Bolar is a single mother who was convicted of a felony and put in jail after she used her father’s address to send her kids to a safer school outside her district. Please join us in calling on Governor Kasich to take a public stand and to do everything he can to right this injustice (including making sure that Williams-Bolar has the opportunity to become a teacher in Ohio).

Demand Justice for Kelley Williams-Bolar




Up against the wall, Mother!

A congressional committee is holding a hearing to advance an anti-choice bill. It could redefine rape and jeopardize abortion coverage in the private insurance market. This bill is a clear assault on a woman’s right to choose – and we must speak out now.

Anti-choice groups are lobbying Congress and some members of Congress even marched with our opponents in Washington, D.C., so please contact your representative right away! 

To find more information and take action go here:

Tell Your Representative: Stop "Stupak on Steroids"


Reclaiming our land

Can someone please explain why breast-feeding moms are being sold special covers and tents to save others from viewing this perfectly natural act? This marketing goes on in a world where breast implants are the most popular elective cosmetic surgery in the U.S..  Sadly, women in the U.S. stop breast-feeding after 6-7 months, while in much of the world women continue breast-feeding until their children are 4 years old.

When Wired Magazine runs a cover using a cleavage shot for a piece on stem cell tissue regeneration, editors thought it was “an appropriate, if provocative image. . .” They spread their misinformation with a reader’s response chart claiming that all concerns about their cover was based on a fear of children, teens and/or spouses who might “learn women have breasts.”

Media Watch: Reclaiming our Land




Solidarity with the Egyptians

As the uprising unfolds in Egypt, our thoughts are with the millions of empowered citizens who are able to physically experience the collective power in what has mostly been non-violent protest. May Mubarak’s thugs stand aside and stop the violence. Will Syria be next? Someday perhaps the citizens of the U.S. will demand a few things from their elected officials, including redirecting our taxes to things we believe are important, such as universal health care, renewable energy and peace. United We Stand.

Media Watch: Congressional Reform Act of 2011


Black History Month

We will highlight accomplishments that have often gone unrecognized by the mainstream media, which tends to focus on the same handful of people and events. Please join us in honoring some of these overlooked accomplishments of African-Americans.

Here is a way to celebrate every day with the NAACP. All you have to do is visit the NAACP site and enter your mobile phone number.

NAACP: Black History Facts


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