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MAY 2013



female vetrens

Because an NRA vendor is currently selling an Ex-Girlfriend target that actually bleeds when you shoot it. . .

Please Send the Maker of it this target a Tweet:

@ZombieInd Stop teaching violence against women. Three women are murdered every day on average in US by their intimate partner. #NotBuyingIt

Just when you thought the NRA's annual convention in Houston recently couldn't draw any more negative attention, it goes out and casually promotes a company selling a product that can help you practice shooting your ex-girlfriend. You know, in case you need that to defend yourself one day. We all know them ex-honeys can be crazzzzy (warning: graphic content). Read More



"In this 20-minute video, the Pew Research Center’s Paul Taylor discusses trends in the racial/ethnic breakdown of the U.S. population over the last century. Taylor discusses a number of related issues, including the income and wealth gap, perceptions about interracial relations, and the electoral implications of the demographic changes. For instance, while Ronald Reagan once said Hispanics are “Republicans who don’t know it yet,” there’s no evidence that they’re any closer to realizing it. As Hispanics and Asians make up an increasing proportion of the voting population, old electoral strategies based on winning most of the White vote are no longer sufficient to win a national election. Read More



SI cover Upton with post it over her

Women on average earn 80 percent of what men earn, will earn 500,000 dollars less than men over the course of a lifetime, are twice as likely to be sexually harassed, and don't have complete say over their reproductive health care.

This ad features real women ranging in ages 17 to 82, expressing the various inequalities that women face. Watch the video Click here.



Check out this radio show from Feminist Current. Jackie Lynne, a Métis woman, a social worker, and a survivor of prostitution, who has been researching prostitution academically since 1998, speaks about her experiences of abuse, rape, and internalized racism and how those experiences led to her entry into prostitution. She links the continuum of male violence and colonialism to the current situation of prostitution in Canada and sees a solution in the Nordic model. Listen Now




We are five months away from the LPFM application window. It's stunning that we're so close to this opportunity! Can you believe it? Prometheus rolled out an outreach tour to the Southwest today (read more below!) and we've been following up with interested groups. Perhaps you've heard from us during one of our marathon phone-bank sessions? If so, the time is now to get in touch, get some resources and get your hands on the radio! Our next free webinar is on Wednesday May 29 at 8pm EST.  Our "Get On The Air" informational webinar answers some "nuts and bolts" types of questions and can help you start or support a station in your community. Here's more information



uk women protest porn

“There’s a lot to live for, even if maybe you can’t see it right now. Please don’t go yet!” These heartfelt words are from a teen reaching out to try to stop another teen from committing suicide. This article is about what young people need to know if someone sounds as if life is not worth living. This success story is particularly poignant when we think of all the young lives that might have been saved if only other kids had known what to say and how to get help. This story is the opposite of cyber-bullying. Recently, a Kidpower parent told us her teen daughter came to her earlier in the week and said, “I need help.”

Read Full Article: Written by Irene van der Zande, Kidpower Founder and Executive Director



uk women protest porn

Each day for the month The Invisible Men project will show you the words from the men who buy sex and then review their experience with women in prostitution online. Without seeking to prove, disprove or debate choice on the part of the women described, we invite you to consider his choice. (Warning: graphic content)

Read More


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