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"Radio waves are just one part of the spectrum that can carry our data. What if we could use other waves to surf the internet? One German physicist, Harald Haas, has come up with a solution he calls “data through illumination”—taking the fiber out of fiber optics by sending data through an LED lightbulb that varies in intensity faster than the human eye can follow. It’s the same idea behind infrared remote controls, but far more powerful."

Read more about "Li-Fi" at the Good Technology web site



Join the European Women's Lobby in reminding President Obama that he must stop denying abortions for girls and women impregnated by rape in armed conflicts. Currently the US ‘no abortion’ policy is wrongly attached to all humanitarian aid, including aid to countries in conflict. The US 'no abortion' policy is the subject of the August 12th Campaign, which has been launched by the Global Justice Centre to mark the 62nd Anniversary of the Geneva Conventions. The campaign encourages organizations and individuals around the world to contact President Obama, asking that he lift the abortion restrictions on humanitarian aid for girls and women raped in armed conflict via an Executive Order.

Email your letter to one or all of these individuals responsible for handling President Obama’s correspondence:
1.) Rob Berschinski, Director for Security and Human Rights Policy, National Security Council staff at the White House
2.) Samantha Power, Senior Director and Special Assistant for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights.
3.) Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama and Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls.

You can also send a letter to Ms. Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State:
U.S. Department of State,
2201 C Street NW, Washington DC 20520
United States of America

For more ore information on the campaign, visit the Global Justice Center.



As jobs become more scarce women are often expolited by employers who know how desperately they need work to survive. An Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights report tells a tale of 13 to 18.5 hour workdays, 6 to 7 days a week, for minimal pay and poor living quarters.

Thousands of female workers, mostly immigrants from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or India, face the threat of deportation if they lose or leave their jobs. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Managers grope and fondle the employees regularly, ostensibly to get them to work faster, and, even more horrifying, many repeatedly rape their workers. General manager Anil Santha is known for forcing women to come to his hotel each week, where he rapes them. If they refuse or speak out, he gets them deported. Please sign the petition to demand that Wal-Mart, Hanes, Target, Macy’s, Lands’ End, Kohl’s and Jones Group end the sexual abuse, rape, torture, and beatings of young women guest workers at the Classic factory in Jordan.

Go to the Classic-Jordan Campaign page to sign the petition and see a full list of reports, action alerts, news articles, testimony videos and transcripts related to this case. Also, check out this video chronicling one women's experience in Jordon.



Father Roy Bourgeois needs your immediate solidarity. The Maryknoll community has taken another step towards expulsion of Father Roy for speaking out in favor of the ordination of women priests. Father Roy writes,"I firmly believe that the exclusion of women from the priesthood is a grave injustice against women, against our Church, and against our God. . . Polls show that the majority of Catholics support having women priests in the Church. Many fellow priests tell me they believe women should be ordained, but are afraid to break their silence because of the consequences. . . . Why should we deny this call from God - this opportunity - to women?"

Please take action and contact Father Ed Dougherty, the Superior General of Maryknoll, and ask him not to expel Father Roy Bourgeois for advocating for women priests.

Father Edward Dougherty
Maryknoll Fathers,
PO Box 303,
Maryknoll, NY 10545-0303
Fax: 914.944.3600 or
Phone: 914.941.7590

Read Father Roy's letter to Maryknoll and Maryknoll's response to the priest's letter.

Thanks to Bill Quigley for his help with this article.



There has been little press about Operation Delego that recently charged 72 men for participating in an internet child sexual abuse network. Of the 72 charged in the United States, 43 have been arrested in this country and nine abroad. Another 20 are known to authorities only by their Internet names and remain at large.  A "Super Hardcore" section of the bulletin board was limited to posts showing adults having violent sexual intercourse with "very young kids." The report states some of the abused were infants. The company known as Dreamboard required its members to regularly post new images of sexual abuse of children who were clearly in distress, tormented and crying. This sort of video or image allowed members access to the entire quantity of child abuse posted on the bulletin board.

According to Attorney General Eric Holder, "Operation Delego represents the largest prosecution in history of individuals who participated in an online child exploitation enterprise conceived and operated for the sole purpose of promoting child sexual abuse, disseminating child pornography, and evading law enforcement."

Read more at MediaWatch.



Let us know what you think about these two video clips from the European Women's Lobby (EWL):


Not For Sale preview, a trailer for the film produced by the EWL.


For A Change of Perspective, part of EWL's ongoing educational campaign. Is watching a man service a woman make it more convincing that prostitution is an expression of violence and oppression?


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