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An open door says, "Come in."

A shut door says, "Who are you?"

Shadows and ghosts go through shut doors.

If a door is shut and you want it shut,     

why open it?

If a door is open and you want it open,     

why shut it?

Doors forget but only doors know what it is     

doors forget.                                         — Carl Sandburg

From Poetry Magazine



Note "Nyad" in Greek mythology: The Naiads or Naiades were a type of nymph who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, and brooks.

Diana Nyad proves that will and determination are all you need to make the unimaginable possible. She successfully swam from Cuba to Florida, a goal that had eluded her for 35 years. Speaking to reporters in Key West on Tuesday, a day after reaching her goal, the 64-year-old said she was as "sick as a dog" from swallowing so much seawater. Nyad said that she would not give up endurance swimming altogether, focusing instead on events in swimming pools. Nyad said she was delighted to have finally achieved her goal. "All my life, I don't know where it came from, I believed in dreaming big," she said. "It doesn't satisfy me to have small dreams and I can't tell you what a big, big dream this is out here. It's tough stuff." Nyad started her fifth attempt to cross the 110-mile span between Cuba and the US at 8.59am on Saturday. She arrived in Florida just before 2pm local time on Monday, after negotiating difficult water conditions, avoiding jellyfish and swimming without the protection of a shark cage for nearly 53 hours. Read Guardian Also look for her accomplishment in a documentary entitled, "The Other Shore."



To celebrate herself, Miley Cyrus used other women's bodies as a joke--women who look like me. Miley Cyrus made news with a carnival-like stage performance at the MTV Video Music Awards that included life-size teddy bears, flesh-colored underwear, and plenty of quivering brown buttocks. Almost immediately after the performance, many black women challenged Cyrus' appropriation of black dance–"twerking." Many white feminists defended Cyrus' right to be a sexual woman without being slut-shamed. Yet many others wondered why Cyrus' sad attempt at twerking was news when the U.S. is planning military action in Syria. Read Tressie McMillan Cottom's article



EatWith is a growing leader in the sharing economy of food startups: Michin started his social experiment startup in Tel Aviv and Barcelona, but this month EatWith launched in New York City and the company is expanding across the United States, Europe, Brazil, and other parts of the world. Michin’s office has been inundated with applications from more than 80 countries to host meals around the world—each host must go through a strict vetting process to ensure everyone’s safety—and typically at least four guests turn up for meals (all of the meals have been sold out in New York so far). Hosts set the prices, and some EatWith experiences include visits to local markets and collective cooking and learning, such as a recent challah-baking workshop in New York. Read Full Article




I and my fellow plaintiffs have begun the third and final round of our battle to get the courts to strike down a section of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that permits the military to seize U.S. citizens, strip them of due process and hold them indefinitely in military facilities. Carl Mayer and Bruce Afran, the lawyers who with me in January 2012 brought a lawsuit against President Barack Obama (Hedges v. Obama), are about to file papers asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear our appeal of a 2013 ruling on the act's Section 1021. "First the terrorism-industrial complex assured Americans that they were only spying on foreigners, not U.S. citizens," Mayer said to me recently. "Then they assured us that they were only spying on phone calls, not electronic communications. Then they assured us that they were not spying on American journalists. And now both [major political] parties and the Obama administration have assured us that they will not detain journalists, citizens and activists. Well, they detained journalist Chris Hedges without a lawyer, they detained journalist Laura Poitras without due process and if allowed to stand this law will permit the military to target activists, journalists and citizens in an unprecedented assault on freedom in America." Read Full Article by Chris Hedges.




Terri Oda is a mathematician who now works in computer science. She is also female. Weird, right? When people told her women were biologically unsuited to math, she used to draw a graph for them on the back of a napkin showing why this wasn't statistically true. Because women like napkins. Finally Oda decided to put her napkin doodles into a slideshow with actual graphs, which is the clearest visual refutation of the "women are not biologically suited for math" theory I've ever seen. Charts and numbers and stuff: You should check it out.



This 58 page booklet, translated from Swedish to English by Kvinnofronten/The Women's Front, Sweden, 2013 is now available. Topics include what is prostitution: "buying sex from someone who does not want to have sex," the necessity of viewing prostitution in context, men's needs, stigmatization of the victim, prostitution and choice, "sex work," colonialism, children and adolescents, perpetrators of prostitution, and legislation. We strongly recommend this pamphlet as a way of familiarizing yourself with common arguments in favor of prostitution and the logical feminist response to those arguments by the Swedish Women's Front. Image to left iis of a "Sex Box" in Zurich, Switzerland. Contact them for more information and Download PDF Booklet Here.



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