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December 15, 2010


Be Calm—Stop Shopping


De you dread this season, the frantic rush and stress? The spiritless hours trapped in malls? Why not do things differently? Consider a new rhythm, purpose and meaning for the holiday. Take Back Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, and the Winter Solstice. Refuse to confine yourself to offically sanctioned rituals to celebrate and connect with others.  Together we become a swarm of bees dismantling the old notions of holidays and exchange. Want to join a hive in your neighborhood? Contact Micah. Visit

The Freegans, pictured to the left, hosted a Whirlmart this year, where individuals silently pushed empty shopping carts through the aisles of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. (New York, NY)

Media Watch Believes in Media Transparency

"We now know that Visa, Mastercard and Paypal are instruments of US foreign policy, It's not something we knew before."--Julian Assange from jai in UK.

The uproar over WikiLeaks is due in large part to our news media's long history of keeping information from citizens. It is just as Noam Chomsky has always stated, that people have become the 'bewildered herd' and are told to take the role of spectator rather than participant. Information is kept for an elite few, who then act as if they alone know what is best for every citizen of the United States. Maybe we all need to breathe deeply and remember that freely flowing information is an essential cornerstone of a true democracy. If Fox news and their moneyed corporations can peddle blatant lies as Truth, why can't Americans experience a new perspective on where their tax dollars going thanks to Wikileaks? Won't the truth set us free? How many will actually read the documents? Inform yourself. WikiLeaks Leaks! Let's look to Iceland for media transparency! Iceland becomes international media transparency Haven.


Pushing The Edge For Sales

These self-described 'shameless' ads were recently emoved from billboards in a shopping mall in the Nretherlands. If one image doesn't convince you—check our blog online. Shameless Ads. Consider sharing what you think with the responsible party--they want to hear from you:
Joop Geesinkweg 209
1096 AV Amsterdam
tel +31 20 653 35 34
fax +31 20 653 29 03


What is Water?

Check this beautiful commencement speech by author, David Foster Wallace, which addresses the conundrum of how humans cope with reality. Can an angst laden event be tolerable or maybe even inspiring? Media Watch shares it as inspiration for the new year. To read it, click on this link. What is water?


Send in Your Nominations for CCFC's Annual TOADY Award

Has your jaw hit the floor while scanning the toy aisles this holiday season?If so, let us know! We're looking for nominees for CCFC's annual TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young Children) Award. On February 12, the Toy Industry Association will gather to present their TOTY (Toy Of The Year) Awards. But first, in honor of theindustry that has led the way in commercializing childhood, CCFC will present the dreaded TOADY. The deadline for nominations is January 10, 2011.


Previous winners include the Barbie Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Nickelodeon’s Addicting Games website. Email your nominations here.


To view last year's nominees and why they were selected, visit the toady awards page.



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