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When plastic surgery is used to repair bodily harm or birth defects it clearly makes sense to everyone. Media Watch is wondering at what point should the American Medical Association step in to stop doctors who exploit people’s self-hate and insecurity about how they appear to others? Consider the many surgeons who perform labioplasty, removing nerve-filled labia, for women who want their genitals to “look younger”

for their sexual partners? Many patients are known to bring in images from pornography to show the doctors how they want their crotch to look. What about the trend in underage teens who have breast implants well before their bodies are even mature or are given implants as a high school graduation present from parents? What about those who fetishize the stump left after limb amputation asking doctors to remove healthy limbs to increase their sexual arousal? Some people with what is known as Apotemnophilia, prefer to remove the limb themselves or with someone outside of a doctor’s office. What about the Barbie Flu women who get surgery to resemble Anime characters and appear as unreal as possible? If a paying adult consents to body modifications should a surgeon’s action and profit go unquestioned?
At what point is taking a knife to healthy people because they are seeking “perfection” unethical? Where should the line be drawn or should it never be stopped? We want to know your thoughts.