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It is difficult not to smirk over a man that carries the name Weiner and who is then led around so publicly by his own. How is it men in public positions imagine they can get away with such behavior? Public representatives will continue such behavior toward women until the day when women no longer fear coming forward.

Media Watch encourages everyone to help support the young West African woman who is willing to stand up to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former director of the International Monetary Fund. Her identity was outed by the French Press and her own daughter is unable to visit her. Please sign this petition to support of this brave young hotel worker (Click here),

and go here to help her with some financial support. (Click here: Write “women’s fund” in the comments box).
A recent article on the safety of hotel workers suggests that many housekeepers are being attacked, yet this abuse is silenced either because the victims are undocumented immigrants or hotel management fears the loss of paying guests. The recession is blamed as many security staffers and extra housekeepers have been laid off. According to one worker from Chicago, Yazmin Vazquez, “these customers think they can use us for anything they want because we don’t have the power that they have or the money that they have.” The article also noted that if hotels can monitor which rooms are watching porn they should only send in male employees up to rooms late at night.
Given the anonymity of the worldwide web, some men or boys will verbally abuse women who speak up against male sexual violence. One woman has become an anti-violence campaigner as a result of writing about her rape experience and being attacked for it.
Online assaults against the woman noted above, included a public discussion of how “rape-able” is she. Another wrote, “what a conceited bitch for thinking she is even worthy of being raped. The guy just probably wanted to give her a good bashing in which case job well done.”

Our main strength is in our numbers and our willingness to create a world where female dignity and respect is foremost on our agenda. Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights. Hillary Clinton said it about LGBT rights but it also applies when our sisters’ dignity is dumped in the gutter. Together we can be more proactive and help get women back up on her metaphoric feet.