Giving Birth to Commercialism

HAPPY 2011 FROM V MAGAZINE & VMAN! from V Magazine on Vimeo

When will women fully choose and control their births? Sadly trends for young mothers include having their babies in hospitals rather than moving more toward natural childbirth at home. The C-section rate has climbed more than 50% since 1996, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. An increasing proportion of first-time mothers are choosing to deliver by C-section, while fewer women who have had a previous C-section deliver subsequent babies vaginally. This ad for an upcoming magazine trivializes the reality of birth and reduces this sacred passage in life to another way to hawk magazines and ipad widgets. Gag V.


  1. Thank you admin for recognizing the indignation in this image. Most women in this culture fear birth,in part, because they have been fed images such as this. We are in dire need of images portraying birthing women in a way that empowers their belief in their natural bodies and abilities to birth. The way a culture depicts and cares for women in childbirth reflects the value of women in that society. We have a long way to go.

  2. Thanks GetReal, We believe that it wasn’t light-hearted and the statistics clearly portray a world where most women are being encouraged away from home births and natural birth. We believe the sanctity of these precious life-portals must be given the respect and dignity they deserve and not commercialized.

  3. Was it a slow news day at mediawatch? If a light-hearted spin on childbirth is all you can find to channel your righteous indignation at, you should probably go back to flipping through the Daily Mail for “news” ideas.

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