Shameless Ads

These ‘shameless’ ads were recently banned from billboards placed in a shopping mall in the Netherlands. If one image is not enough check their web site. Consider sharing what you think:
Joop Geesinkweg 209
1096 AV Amsterdam
tel +31 20 653 35 34
fax +31 20 653 29 03


  1. Cool~ man

  2. I’ll tell you what’s shameless…the endless drivel on the MSM about the “shocking” scandal at Penn State and in-depth commentary on Michael Jackson’s doctor and Kardashian’s 3 month sex romp. Who cares?
    …And zero stories about the continuing crimes on Wall Street…with quickie sound bytes on the OWS movement. Does America not care what is being done to their IRA’S, 401K’s, Retirement funds by the Wall Street banksters? When does the average American brain reach it’s saturation point for this seaningless pap about Penn state, Michael Jackson, and the Kardashian shenanigans. Who in the media is sounding the alarm about the ongoing crime of theft of their future security? Did I just hear apin drop?

  3. Zakaia Cvitanovich

    And if a woman gets raped because of those ads, it that JUST shameless? Or could it have been avoided?
    Yes Diogo, I do say it’s sexist. How could you EVEN argue with that? Just in case you’re not aware of what sexist means: prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. So you see, the ads ARE sexist.
    I am not a prude. But I do believe in morals and decency. I also believe in equality and treating people with respect. And for that, I have no shame.
    It’s not shame that’s for hypocrites as you suggest. Hypocrites are those that say they are for human rights and then are willing to put people in danger for the sake of selling a few suits. That’s SHAME.

  4. The better title would be ‘Harmless Ads.’ With all the violence and suffering in the world, do you folks have nothing better to do than get worked up about some images that are kind of stupid but harmless?

  5. “shameless” sex is great — these “shameless” ads are staged tableaus that put professional models in phony poses to sell haberdashery. It’s a new low in advertising, which seldom meets a high standard for honesty.

  6. This is so degrading.

  7. What’s wrong with the images? Personally, I have no problem with sexual inuendo. You say it’s sexist, I say you are a moralist. Shameless – hell yes. Shame is for hypocrits.


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