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Who needs an excuse to feature public resistance to marketing that is sexually objectifying to women? We include some of our favorites and link to Sociological Images to view more. Enjoy this small sampling of how some fight the powers that be.

Thanks to Lisa Wade who posted the following: Wade wrote, “As I wrote back then, this resistance shows us how…adding commentary to the ubiquitous images that surround us [can help] us to notice, even if just temporarily, that our environment is toxic to our ability to think of all people as full and complete humans.”


  1. 1) Why complain about objectifying women and then post porn photos of naked women yourself? Aren’t you just as bad? Aren’t you exploiting women to make your point?

    2) Do the women who complain about this stuff ever complain about all the commercials and sitcoms that make men look stupid? If you don’t support men’s rights why should we support yours?

  2. Awesome. This is really inspiring stuff. Have you seen the new Zappos ad campaign? It’s another example of objectification and dehumanization of women in advertising. We started this petition to call it out:

    You can also watch the trailer for our documentary, Miss Representation, if you’re interested!

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