Remain Calm

It is such an irony that Japan would experience such a catastrophe with their nuclear power plants. Most reactors are built to withstand 7.5 magnitude. We have two reactors near seismically active faults on the coast in California: San Onofre and Diablo. Both are right by the ocean so tsunamis are also possible to further damage these reactors. In Germany they made a human chain with thousands of...

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Dump Meisel

Photographer, Steven Meisel, needs to consider other work.  The models need to know they don’t HAVE to play dead to make money. Models need to comprehend that their consent to this portrayal contributes to the glamorization of violence against women. Meisel has a sordid history of such images. Consider his images of models being jackbooted and attacked by police after 9/11, or women...

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That smell is BP

The Washington Post reports that a series of internal investigations over the past decade warned senior BP managers that the company was risking a serious accident if it continued to disregard safety and environmental rules. Reports at BP over years find history of problems A compendium of recent articles about BP can be found at the Columbia Journalism...

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