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It is such an irony that Japan would experience such a catastrophe with their nuclear power plants. Most reactors are built to withstand 7.5 magnitude. We have two reactors near seismically active faults on the coast in California: San Onofre and Diablo. Both are right by the ocean so tsunamis are also possible to further damage these reactors. In Germany they made a human chain with thousands of protestors calling for their reactors to be shut down. The German government responded by shutting 7 reactors down. To get updates go here.

We recommend that you give money to known international groups, like Mercy Corps. Red Cross has a lower rating so be cautious where you send donations.
Google Earth has an very graphic Before/After views of the devastation in Japan

Photo: (Photo: Reuters) Environmental activists pay silent tribute to victims of earthquake and tsunami in Japan during rally demanding South Korean government halt building of more nuclear plants in South Korea, in Seoul

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  1. Near where I live, there is a nuclear power plant reactor, and the waste is stored above ground, on the Mississippi River’s flood-plain. This Spring, the forecast is for SEVERE flooding, and that storage facility is well within reach of even “moderate” floods….. Not only that, but the reactor is of the same design as that of the Fukushima reactor in Japan (the only difference: Theirs is a “Mark 1” – ours is a “Mark 3”).

    Does anyone really believe that nuclear power is actually as “safe” as we have been told it is, or have y’all just been brainwashed into thinking it is?

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