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It is such an irony that Japan would experience such a catastrophe with their nuclear power plants. Most reactors are built to withstand 7.5 magnitude. We have two reactors near seismically active faults on the coast in California: San Onofre and Diablo. Both are right by the ocean so tsunamis are also possible to further damage these reactors. In Germany they made a human chain with thousands of protestors calling for their reactors to be shut down. The German government responded by shutting 7 reactors down. To get updates go here.

We recommend that you give money to known international groups, like Mercy Corps. Red Cross has a lower rating so be cautious where you send donations.
Google Earth has an very graphic Before/After views of the devastation in Japan

Photo: (Photo: Reuters) Environmental activists pay silent tribute to victims of earthquake and tsunami in Japan during rally demanding South Korean government halt building of more nuclear plants in South Korea, in Seoul