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Sexy Lies: Share Widely

Sexy Lies: Share Widely

Finally, a beautiful young woman who will be able to make this lesson stick. Thank You Caroline Heldman especially for quoting much of lines Media Watch has used for decades about the importance of recognizing sexual objectification and, of course, the END.. which I...

Fame & Lust in Internet Age

A Rowdy Tale, Told by Cellphone Cameras By STEPHEN HOLDEN From its opening scene, in which a potty-mouthed young stripper masturbates for a paying audience through her bedroom webcam, “King Kelly,” Andrew Neel’s furious satire of fame lust in the Internet age, made me...

Major Magazines Reject Female Writers

Of course, the New Yorker is not the only publication on earth that falls consistently short of reaching gender parity in its pages. In a Jezebel post about Hays’ letter Jenna Sauers did a count of female writers in other current event and literary...

Happy New Year

This BBC video includes new year celebrations around the globe, being welcomed in with glittering fireworks displays. Click here to watch video